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Welcome to my portfolio. From experimental passion projects to commissioned work for clients, I’ve had the opportunity to create a variety of projects for this dynamic industry. I thrive on creative challenges and enjoy building strong relationships along the way. With a heavy

Westcoast influenced style mixed with my hardcore upbringing, I try to put a nasty unique flare of everything I do. Explore my work below, and contact me directly to learn more.



My story starts when I was 15 years old and did my first tattoo on myself, a couple letters on the inside of my finger, the spark all my kindling needed to set a blaze. This life-long road of mastering this tranquil craft we call tattooing was only a fever dream for me as I matured into my adulthood with already having my first born son. I dropped out of school my last year to go work as a dishwasher. From there I worked as a landscaper and eventually finding myself commercially framing by 19. The road to making this all a reality was opened when I moved to Ohio and got my apprenticeship at a tattoo shop named North Coast Body Modifications where I spent the first year of my career learning to do this professionally under the owner Richard Kish, whom I'm very grateful for the time and chance I was given to make this all possible. Most importantly I'd like to give both my little brother and Mother the acknowledgment for always supporting me no matter what my current circumstances told me, I wouldn't be here at all if it wasn't for those two very important people to me.